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Saturday, July 22, 2006

haloha~..selamat berhari minggu...

smlm punya la letih dok bukak cc sampai 11 lebih.sambil2 tu tgk gak af4..last2 amirul gak yg tersingkir..tp sib baik af da abis 11 lebih tu..sebb pe kat sini smlm black-out...fuhh..kalau tak kepunan nak tgk af4..satu bandar kena black-out..mane lagi customer yg tgh besh2 surf internet...tp kan time blom black-out tu..memang ade tande2..spt connection internet pun da slow giler...lepas tu semua game LAN(counter strike,red alert) pun xle nak connect antara 1 sama lain...bile da black-out tu...plan la close je cc lgpun da lewat..sampai kt umah lak...ingat le tido trus...skali nye tertgk rcgn tv3 ade movie -JUDGE DREDD- mmg favourite movie aku time kecik...ape lg..layan jee...hehe kt bawah ni ade sikit preview ttg movie tuu...tp aku tak tgk abis pun movie..tertido pulaks~ XD

Release : June 30th, 1995
Director : Danny Cannon
Writter : John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra, Michael De Luca, William Wisher Jr.
Starring : Sylvester Stallone, Armand Assante, Rob Schneider, Jurgen Prochnow, Max Von Sydow, Diane Lane, Joanna Miles, Joan Chen, Balthazar Getty
Genre :
Action, Crime, Sci-Fi
Rating : R for continuous violent action

Synopsis :

In the Third Millennium a powerful and efficient hybrid of the police and judicial system has given birth to group of new gaurdians of the law with the power to dispense instant justice and punishment. These judges are law enforcer, jury and executioner. One of these judges, Judge Joseph Dredd (Sylvester Stallone) is a living legend - six feet of armored justice with no outside interests besides his devotion to enforcing the law. When Dredd is framed for murder by a corrupt Council Judge (Jurgen Prochnow) and receives the maximum sentence (banishment for life to the wasteland of "Cursed Earth"), he must overcome the plot against him and save the city for which he has for so long been a loyal servant...dealing out his own lethal brand of justice along the way.

Selain dr movie ni ade jgk movie lain yg aku suka tgk time kecik2 dulu...korang pun mesti ade movie favourite time kecik2 dulu2 kan..hehehehe..kt bawah ni antara nyer~

aBack to the future 1,2,3
a Evil Dead 1,2
a Army of the darkness (from Evil Dead 2)
a Ghostbuster
a Casper 1,2
a Peter Pan & Captain Hook
a Doraemon the movie (siri pun besh)
a Critters 1,2,3
a Knight Rider
a Fanthagiro
a Tarzan
a Jungle of the book
a Never Ending Story
a Star Wars
a ade byk lg.....x ingat pulak.....

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